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Rogue’s Rescue Sequence

A compilation of excerpts from the leaked early draft of the script, behind the scenes footage, and shots from the sequence which made it to some of the promotional materials. Not sure how the final thing is going to look, though. The specs for the Blu-ray of the theatrical cut does not list the sequence in its deleted scenes. It makes sense to save it up though since there’s an extended/alternate cut coming next year.

Addendum (8/29/14):
Most of the reblogs seemed surprised about the extended/alternate cut. There were fan queries over twitter of whether an extended cut with Rogue’s scenes is actually coming and Lauren Shuler Donner (producer) and James Finn of 20th Century Fox confirmed that one is indeed being planned for release. See:

I also think that it would be an alternate cut since from the moment Rogue begins to show up in the movie’s narrative at the beginning of the third and last act of the movie, things would be a little different from the theatrical cut.


→ Best of Legolas

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if that’s not punk i don’t know what is

if that’s not punk i don’t know what is

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Who kissed who first?


Erik did. Right up until the second he did, he’d thought Charles would be the first—everyone, or to be more accurate, 95% of the betting pool, thought Charles was going to be the one to go for it, because… well, he’s Charles, and if there’s one thing Charles has a reputation for, it’s making his interest in potential partners very clear, very quickly.

But there hadn’t been any verified kissage for weeks. The first month weeded out nearly all contenders, except for Darwin (who had pointed to a random date before going back to work), Emma (who knew Erik far better than anyone else), and Raven (who had rigged the pool by secretly betting Charles he couldn’t make it to six weeks without pouncing on Erik’s face). If Erik had known about the betting pool, and participated in it instead of destroying the lives of anyone involved in it, he probably would have been eliminated too.

It’s somewhere in week five that he and Charles are out on a fall day, one of those days that’s almost too beautiful to be real—where the light makes everything stand out, perfect and clear and vivid, and the air is just beginning to turn down into coolness, and not even Erik can find anything to complain about. Charles is shuffling through the grass of the park they’re in and watching the geese on the pond, and it’s ridiculous, Erik thinks, that he hasn’t kissed Charles yet.

So he does.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

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DRACO MALFOY APPRECIATION WEEK → day two » favourite relationship

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I’m working on this fic where Erik is the angry lead singer of an industrial metal/alternative rock band, and Charles is the youngest conductor of a promising british chamber orchestra.

craigshaws wanted to see Erik, so here it is!! (I tried to make realistic Fassy proportions, but I think I overdid it with his head? XD)

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